Never queue again... ever

Do you queue in your canteen or cafeteria?
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Each day you waste your time!

0 min/day
spent in queues
number of things you can do in 15 mins to brighten your life

Save time for what really matters

Order and pay from your phone to skip the queue

Mobile order

Check the menu and order directly from your phone.

Skip the queue

Pay for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner without waiting in queues.

Keep track of your expenses

Stay organised. The app keeps a history of your receipts.

Ordering app


You don't need to bring your wallet. Get rid of your change, receipts and cards.

Freedom in your hands!

Order and pay when and where ever you want.

Get a free drink

Invite a friend to use the app and we give you a free coffee.

Ordering app features

We care about your security

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to give your personal information, so we make it easier and safer for you.

  • Reliable platform secured by enterprise grade encryption
  • We won’t keep any of your payment information. We are working with trusted Payment Service Providers to deliver world class payment solutions.
Kinson Yip
CCO, Co-Founder
Ken Mau
CTO, Co-Founder
David Lai
CEO, Co-Founder
Kenneth Yip
COO, Co-Founder
Hoang Pham
Business Associate
Paul-Mehdy M'Rabet
Mobile developer