Bust queues
Boost sales

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Old fashioned order taking is EXPENSIVE

YES.TAP lowers your overhead costs
minimum costs for one cashier
minimum costs for Point Of Sale (POS)
0 %
Decreased market share with every 7 seconds increase in wait time

Put the POS in your customers' hands

Which means less queues, less cashiers, and less POS's

New sales channel

Promote your menu directly on your customers' phone.

No more queues

Allow your customers to pay for food without waiting in queues.

Enhance the
customer experience

Enable customers to order
when and wherever they want.

Mobile payment

Stand out from
your competitors

Win new accounts with an
amazing mobile solution


No more change, bills or cards. Protection from thief.

Go green

Save paper by giving your
customers digital receipts.

Recommandation engine

Upsell with personalized promotions

We use customer data to effectively promote your products

  • Learn your customers preferences and behaviour
  • Upsell and cross-sell items in a smart way
  • Promote relevant products at the most critical times to the right customers
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